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DaVinci Teeth Whitening 

Platinum Package $199

*One 60 Minute Professional Laser Whitening Service

*Seal & Shimmer Treatment

- seals the teethallowing you to go back to eating and drinking the same foods you normally do

*Professional At Home Maintenance Kit

-includes a blue LED light, 1 year supply of whitening gel,

and whitening trays (to be used 1x/month to maintain results)

*On The Go Whitening Pen.

The products added to this package have a retail value of OVER $200!

Basic Package $159

*One 60 Minute Professional Laser Whitening Service

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Relaxing 3 Step Process

  • Whitening gel applied to teeth, upper and lower arch

  • LED Laser Light is positioned to the mouth to accellerate whitening

  • Rinse and see your results


How long does it last? 

Everyone is different, and so are their habits and lifestyles. Those who smoke, drink coffee or red wine regularly might need a touch up sooner than those who don't.

How often can I do the treatment?

As often as you like or feel is necessary. Your teeth will reach their whitest potential within the first treatment for most people, it is up to you how often you want to maintain it with touch ups. 

Is it safe? Is it safe for dental work?

Yes, and yes!! Your dental work will lighten to its original color (and not any lighter than that) and will not cause any damage.


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