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Micropigmentation refers to medical tattooing, it is done using a special machine outfitted with sterile, disposable instrumentation to deposit pigment at the surface of the scalp to decrease the color contrast between hair and bald scalp. The technique involves the placement of very fine dots that are color matched to the hair to simulate natural hairs. In short hairstyles, it can mimic natural hair; In completely shaved heads it can restore a more youthful hairline, be used either to camouflage previous donor scars or to simulate hairs that would appear in a non-balding scalp; In longer hair styles it can fill in thinning areas to give a more dense appearance. 
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How much is it?

Pricing is based upon the amount of hair loss. More hair loss requires more time from the technician. Compared to hair transplant clients, you will find this a much more affordable option. 

Is it real hair? Is Surgery required?

This is not a hair transplant and no surgery is required. There is no scarring from SMP. This is a form of tattooing that mimics real hairs.

Are there any side effects?

Only slight redness the first day, similar to a mild sunburn. This is just from handling the scalp and will dissipate within a few hours or by the next day.

Will it change color or turn blue?

SMP pigments are made from organic compounds of carbon and have been tried and tested. They do not turn blue or green. Over time, the pigment will fade to a lighter shade.

What will happen if my natural hair goes grey?

Over the 5-7 year life span of the SMP, the pigment will fade naturally, subtly matching any grey hues that occur in the natural hair. The pigment also contains hints of grey, so no need to worry.

How long does it last?

The pigment fades slowly over time, and with proper aftercare should last a long time. It is recommended to have a touch up at or near 5-7 years from the original procedure. A touch up can always be done sooner if needed to address any additional hair loss.

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